Company Profile

Tahin Holdings Limited is one of the pioneers in the Real Estate and Housing Industry of Bangladesh. People recognize us as old and experienced Real Estate Company of the Country. We are especially renowned for construction of high-rise and mixed use building which is very popular now-a-days. The team at Tahin Holdings comprises of over 100 professionals, architects and engineers that were chosen on the basis of their excellent technical and management skills. Additionally, a well-trained force of 1200 workers is also employed at the various projects of Tahin Holdings. The dedication, hard work and experience of the Tahin Holdings team is what makes it one of the top Real Estate developing companies of Bangladesh.

All the buildings of Tahin Holdings have been designed according to the guidelines stated in the Bangladesh National Building Code and each building is capable of withstanding the code-specified natural forces like earthquake and wind. Not only that, each building is equipped with an emergency fire escape to protect the building residents in the unlikely event of a fire. Additionally, at Tahin Holdings all construction materials and equipment have a high performance rating and are procured with great care to ensure the highest possible standard.

Our promise remains to give unparallel services to the buyers, landowners & investors through development of luxury spaces by providing modern, functional and aesthetic living and set a standard for Real Estate Development.